A Shelter Stay

During the month of December, we are asking our friends, family, and community to help us on our quest to fulfill one year's stay at our shelter. While the Randolph County Family Crisis Center offers multiple services, our Shelter Service is one of the most important! We currently have two shelters that offers temporary and emergency housing for women and/or men, with or without children, who have experienced or were threatened with physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse.

The shelter is where residents can be safe, also known as a "safe-zone." The location of our shelter is confidential to protect any of our residence. The shelter consists of multiple rooms, giving our clients the upmost privacy, given the circumstances and situations. It is accommodated with a large kitchen, food, general sitting area, playroom, as well as an outdoor playground for children.

During the last year, we have accommodated 15+ clients and children at one time. The cost of one client stay is $25.00 per night. For example, if we have 5 residents in our shelter for one night, the cost would be $125.00. In order to operate a 24-hour residency, we have staff working around the clock!

During the month of December, we are seeking 365 generous individuals to donate an amount of $25.00, which would cover the cost for multiple clients throughout the year. The equation looks like this:

365 days x $25.00 (cost of 1 client shelter stay per night) = $9,125 per year. So,

365 people x $25.00 (donation) = $9,125.00

If you could possibly help with a monetary donation in the amount of $25.00, please visit our website and see the multiple ways we accept donations. We are inviting you to be apart of our quest and we ask that you help us spread the word! We are so grateful for everyone in our community that supports our organization, our mission, and helps bring awareness to others.

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