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All crisis services are free and voluntary. The Randolph County Family Crisis Center does not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. 

Emergency Shelter

24-Hour Crisis Line

Our shelter program offers safe, temporary emergency housing for women and/or men, with or without children, who have experienced or have been threatened with physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse. 


At RCFCC, your safety is our top priority. If you or someone you know are experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking please call our 24-hour crisis hotline for instant, nonjudgmental support. 

Asheboro Crisis Line: (336) 629-4159

Text Crisis Line: (336) 521-8021

Archdale/Trinity Crisis Line: (336) 434-5579

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911 right away. 

One of our trained advocates will verify that the client meets the 50/B criteria. If they do not, the advocate will possibly refer them to other remedies, such as a 50/C. If the client qualifies for a protective order, our advocate will assist them with filling out any necessary paperwork. 

Bi-Lingual Services

Court Advocacy

Our trained advocates provide court advocacy and assistance with protective orders. In a case where a client does not have an attorney, an advocate will accompany a client when they testify. 

All of the services provided by the Randolph County Family Crisis Center are offered in English and Spanish. 

Victim Advocacy

We have advocates who work toward social change and have been trained to support victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. They provide victims with information, referrals to resources, emotional support, and more. They accompany victims to court and other appointments, obtain information for the clients from other organizations, answer crisis line calls, facilitate support groups, and provide counseling. 

Rape Crisis Advocacy

Trained staff will support and engage with clients after hospital staff notifies our crisis center that a crisis has occurred. Advocates will work with victims by providing support and ensuring that survivors have a follow-up plan and are aware of the services that we provide.

Case Management 

One of our case managers will meet with the client and assess their needs. The case manager will offer the client our services and/or contact other resources that may be available and would benefit the client. Case management includes help with accessing basic needs such as clothing, food, and shelter. Case managers will make referrals for counseling, job applications, GED classes, etc. 

Child Advocacy

Serving child abuse victims from Randolph County in conjunction with the District Attorney's Office, Randolph County Department of Social Services, and local law enforcement agencies. The purpose is to provide a systematic, multi-disciplinary response to reported cases of child sexual abuse as well as physical abuse. 

If you’d like more information about our resources, get in touch today.

Emmy's House

Emmy's House Children's Advocacy Center, which operates under the umbrella of the Randolph County Family Crisis Center, was established in March 2018. A local police officer brought up the idea to the crisis center after handling a number of cases. It was then that the organization worked alongside city and county leaders, the District Attorney's Office, and other organizations to get the center opened up. 

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