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24/7/365 Crisis Line!

Emergency-Temporary Shelter!

Emergency Shelter is offered to men and women who are experiencing domestic violence and need a safe escape, while exiting. If you are planning to exit a violent relationship or unexpectedly left an abusive relationship due to violence, please call 336-629-4159 to make a safety plan with a trained advocate today. 

Our services also include: 

  • Crisis/Therapeutic Counseling
  • Domestic Violence Survivor Groups:
    • ARCHDALE: Meet every Mon. 6pm-8pm at Archdale Office,
       11213 N. Main St., Archdale, NC 27263. 
    • ASHEBORO: Meet every Tues. 6pm-8pm at First United Methodist Church,
      224 North Fayetteville St., Asheboro, NC 27203.
  • Sexual Assault Survivor Support Group
    • Meet every Thurs. 6pm-8pm at 624-A South Fayetteville St. Asheboro. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER. Call Danielle Wrenn at (336) 626-5040. 
  • Case ManagementOne of our case managers will meet with the client and assess their needs. The case manager will offer the client our services and/or contact other resources that are available that the client may benefit from. Case management includes basic needs such as clothing, food and shelter. Case managers will make referrals for counseling, job applications, GED classes, etc.
  • Children’s Programs: Children's group meets at the same time as Domestic Violence Support Group and allows children to work through their domestic violence experiences. For more information contact Kristen Henson at (336) 781-0021.
  • Victim Advocacy
  • Community Outreach/Awareness (professional, educational, and individualized programs) - call (336) 626-5040.
  • 50B/50C: Assistance with protective orders 
  • Court Advocacy: One of our advocates will meet with the client and prepare them for 50-B/C court, and then will accompany the client on their court date. The advocate will then sit with the client when they testify, unless the client has an attorney.
  • Bi Lingual Services
  • Emergency Shelter
  • 24 Hour Crisis Line
    Asheboro: 336-629-4159
    Archdale: 336-434-5579

    Safety Planning
  • Rape Crisis Advocacy: If someone is raped or sexually assaulted and goes to the hospital, the hospital staff will notify Family Crisis Center. A trained advocate will then come to the hospital and meet with the victim and provide emotional support during that time. The advocate will inform the victim (and anyone else with victim) about our services and then follow-up with victim the next day.

Asheboro Advocacy Center:
624-A S Fayetteville St.
Asheboro, NC 27203


Archdale Advocacy Center:
11213 N. Main St.
Archdale, NC 27263


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