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Shining Light Donors

It was once said that, "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." (Unknown)
You can take action and shine a light into the darkness of domestic violence and sexual assault so that the victims can see the way out. To become a shining light donor, make a recurring monthly donation of at least $10 a month.


Martha Murray

Marie Puckett

Margaret Roe

Joyce Garner

Jennifer Schaffer
Wanda Beck

Aaron and Lisa Garrison

Jonathan Halso

Joyce Garner

Tami Hinshaw

Michael Gardner

Aggie Ingold

Shannon Polly

Kevin Sherriff

Victoria Lambeth (Emmy’s House)

Sunset Avenue Church of God (Emmy’s House)

Oakhurst Baptist

East Coast  Lumber

Industrial Wood Products

Kingdom Life Community Church

Neighbors Grove Wesleyan Church

Jeffrey E Campbell, CPA. 

Julie McNeill 

Barbara Vuncannon 

Katherine Kallam 

Lillian Jordan 

Drs. Bryan and Cheryl Freeman, DDS 

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